Our Core Services

JVS Financial Advisory Co., Ltd. has a team of experienced professionals to give our clients high quality services in the capital and financial markets. We act as an Independent Financial Advisor/Financial Advisor to evaluate the value of businesses, provide financial consultations and advices to our clients. Our services are conducted based on the financial advisorai??i??s code of conduct in accordance with the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) requirements and follow the methodology regulations of the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with transparency for clients’ and shareholders’ benefits. JVS FA provides a full scope of investment banking services as follows:

Financial AdvisoryInvestmentBankingProject

“JVS FA” acts Ai??as a financial advisor/independent financial advisor on the various rules of the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). The details are as follow:

  • Provide financial advisory services with regards to valuations, independent fairness opinions, feasibility studies, financial planning, acquisition and disposal of Assets and Connect Transactions, liquidity enhancements, delisting
  • Prepare documents and coordinate with the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)
  • Provide opinions on the reasonableness of transactions, pricing, and related conditions
  • Prepare reports for the relevant authority, executive directors and shareholders
  • Assist clients in engaging and negotiating with all related parties.

Ai??Debt Restructuring Advisoryrestructuring

“JVS FA” Ai??provides a full range of services in debt restructuring. The services include formulation of viable financial restructuring plans, advice on rehabilitation process, implementation of the rehabilitation plan and advice on distressed debt purchase.

“JVS FA” Ai??takes Ai??extra steps to consider all aspects of a clientai??i??s business, working capital or marketing, to ensure delivery of complete and sustained turn around.

“JVS FA” Ai??provides Ai??innovative financial solutions by structuring win-win situations that can create unexpected value for both creditors and debtors alike. The details are as follow:

  • Coordinate between the creditor, debtor and other parties involved in the negotiation and restricting process
  • Conduct regulatory Impact Study, in the process of restructuring and study business viability options compared to proposed plan of the debt restructuring
  • Conduct scenarios and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Advise on debt restructuring by crediting financial analysis and the structure of the business
  • Act as a representative in negotiating with the creditors to allow the company to continue its operations and be able to pay debt to the creditors in accordance with the agreement

Fund Raisingparticipation

“JVS FA” Ai??advises on optimal fund raising activities from a variety of sources via initial public offering (IPO), public offering (PO), and private placement (PP) of equity-related products. We also advise on debt instruments such as convertible bonds and warrants, strategic and financial partnership, and project finance. The details are as follows:

  • Perform Project Finance and providing financial data and sources of the loans from financial institutions from within the country and abroad.

Silver_Puzzle150x150Mergers and Acquisition

We advise on valuation and execution of M&A by coordination of potential investors through our extensive client network, evaluation and recommendation of a fair range of valuations for M&A transactions, and assistance with structuring, negotiation and execution of transactions. The details are as follows:

                  • Advise on privatizations and leveraged buyouts, for both listed and non-listed companies;
                  • Undertake financial due diligence and coordinate with other.
                  • Perform valuation, analysis of alternative acquisition strategies, and negotiation
                  • Advise on post Ai??merger/post-acquisition strategy and planning to ensure value realization.

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